Welcome to the website for Sprinter GOLD products formulated exclusively for greyhounds.

Sprinter GOLD Greyhound Products is a subsidiary of John Kohnke Products Pty Ltd, which has a mission to provide innovative, high quality, well formulated and affordable nutritional and other products to the horse industry. Both companies are family owned Australian companies based in Sydney, Australia.



The most comprehensive antioxidant available….


Muscle Pro

There is no other supplement like MUSCLE PRO™

Results Plus


The most concentrated trace-mineral and vitamin supplement available for Racing Greyhounds.


Energy E

High Energy Feed Supplement with Vitamin E for Greyhounds

Whelp n Grow


Bone Mineral, Trace-Mineral and Vitamin Supplement for Breeding and Growing Greyhounds



Focus™ helps maintain normal nervous behaviour in Greyhounds which are excitable and lack concentration when travelling, before and during races.